Welcome to the LCHS Plaid Lads WikiaEdit

The Plaid Lads Boat Regatta website. Come aboard with the lads to get the facts. Table

Meet the LCHS Plaid LadsEdit

IMG 0563

Captain: Ian R. Cumming

IMG 0555

In this photo, Dakota and Joe are messing around and testing how they would paddle with yard stakes

IMG 0530

First Mate/Bag Piper: Joseph L. Snodgrass

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 1.38.59 PM

Deckhand 2: Steven B. Kilgore

IMG 0536

Deckhand 1: Dakota G. Trotter




Boat and Lad Facts Edit

  • The Scot Yacht is in fact, Completely legal.
  • The Lads used about 6 cans of gap filler to seal the gaps of the yacht. (Cost: $50)
  • The Lads bought 5 cans of spray paint: 2 gloss red, 2 gloss black, and 1 gloss white. (Cost: $15)
  • Le ole yacht is named after Scotland.
  • The Scot Yacht has been designed by the best engineers in the world to withstand 2 fat and 2 skinny people, and can be used as a coffin (not recommended).

Latest Activity Edit


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